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Hello there, and welcome to Metalheads for Life. Where should I begin?

I’ll begin about 18 months ago. I was newly 24, working like a madwoman trying to further my career in the event planning world, and desperately seeking relief from consistent headaches and occasional migraines. We certainly did find an explanation, in the form of a malignant brain tumor that was about the size of a lemon. The last 14 months I have been dealing with this cancer – the multiple surgeries, the needles and blood draws and picking and prodding, the brain scans, the life threatening meningitis, and the (thankfully temporary) complete loss of independence for me – a strong and independent young human.


Fast forward to the present time. I’m inching closer to 26 every day, and I just landed an incredible position with a prominent business publication in my hometown of Sacramento, managing all of their events. For the last 8 months I have been working overtime all the time, coordinating and executing all events for our AAA baseball team, where the stadium happens to be in my backyard. Speaking of my backyard – I don’t have one. I live in an adorable (aka TINY) studio apartment on O Street. I will never forget this apartment as long as I’m alive. I have spent time here celebrating my life, celebrating my pain free days, and drinking with my friends to excess so that deep down I can stop thinking about my cancer, even for just a few hours…I have spent time here being angry at the universe as I wonder why I’m stuck inside on a Saturday night sick to my stomach from the chemotherapy I’m taking. While all my friends are at the State Fair on a Sunday, I’m here in my O Street apartment. Stuck in the bathroom, hoping something will come up so I can shake this nausea.


Can you imagine? Maybe you can. Maybe you can because you’ve watched someone go through it, or you’ve gone through it yourself. Maybe you’re just like me and you’re going through it now. When I say ‘it’ I’m referring to the fight. Every day I have to fight this. On the days where I feel amazing – maybe I even bust out a few miles on a run (let’s be honest, it’s a jog) after work – I’m fighting. And if you’ve ever gone through ‘it’ you know exactly what I’m referring to. There are some of us on the planet that are given challenges we never though we’d face, yet here we are. Those of us given this unfair burden, we have a common bond…that bond being the eternal fight, and also the fire that fuels the fight. This is a place where you can share your story, share your anger and despair or share the silver linings you’ve discovered, ask for help or direction, and this is a place for hope. By seeing what others are faced with, and seeing how they overcome the hurdles placed in front of them, you may find yourself inspired to keep up the fight.


Strike Out Cancer night at Raley Field Rivercats game

The family on both sides–including one aunt and uncle and cousins and first cousin once removed.

My daughter started chemotherapy last night.

So, my daughter started chemotherapy last night. These are her pills. The story of what it took to finally get to the chemo would fill a book. Fingers crossed.