About Us

Metalheads For Life (MFL) is a non-profit organization that raises funds for and awareness of terminal and life threatening medical conditions. Some of the funds raised will go to organized/orthodox scientific/medical research facilities and/or organizations. MFL also provides monetary, emotional and practical assistance and support to persons suffering from such conditions and their families and loved ones. MFL strives to be a forum and network for frank discussions, exchanges of information and ideas and explicit venting regarding terminal and life threatening conditions and the impact on all involved.

MFL intends to raise funds and awareness through metal/rock themed events, e.g., music festivals and concerts, fun runs, etc., as well as through the sale of shirts and other merchandise with a “metal attitude.”

MFL was founded by Marc Gessford in September 2014 after his 24 year old daughter, Courtney, was diagnosed with a malignant cancerous brain tumor on July 11, 2014. In the ensuing weeks, Courtney underwent two brain surgeries, a life threatening bout of meningitis (brain infection) and a number of other related procedures and difficulties. As of September 2014, Courtney was doing well and looking forward to getting back to her life, job, apartment, etc., in mid-October 2014. She still has cancer in her brain–cancer cells and “good brain” cells meshed at the border of the tumor and those “edges” could not be removed. However, the cancer currently is “less aggressive” and the surgery removed so much of the tumor that the currently recommended treatment is monitoring. If and when the cancer grows-and it is probable it will at some unknown time–chemo, radiation and/or other treatments will be considered. All medical care was through University of California San Francisco, among the nation’s top 5 brain cancer treatment and research hospitals (#1 in the west), located 100 miles south of Courtney and her family’s home near Sacramento, CA.

Through the course of his daughter’s situation, Marc was overwhelmed by the number of people who shared stories of how cancer (primarily) and other medical conditions had impacted their lives. Literally everyone he spoke with had either battled–or was then battling–cancer or some other such serious medical condition or had a family member who had or was–husbands, wives, children, parents, etc. Marc was also overwhelmed by the absolutely genuine caring, compassion and empathy expressed by so many people foe Courtney and her entire family.

It is from this experience that Marc knew he had to do something. A life-long metalhead with involvement in the metal community–both socially and as a side business assisting non-US bands in getting the necessary visas to play in the US–Marc felt that the metal community was a group that had, as usual, been neglected and/or ignored despite their being a group that consistently exhibits immense strength, passion, drive and commitment to their causes. It was from this that Metalheads For Life was born.

MFL is an organization that will accept assistance and support from anyone and everyone. However, its fund raising activities and merchandise will be primarily geared towards the rock and metal music lovers. We are a community–a family–that comes together in our common interests, passions and loves. We have been as impacted by cancer and other conditions as much as “the mainstream” and we want to not only help in our own way, but we want to express ourselves in our own way.

Metalheads For Life. Each of us knows that we will ALWAYS identify with rock and metal music. Once a metalhead, always a metalhead. Regardless of our place in life or what we do in life, rock and metal have been and will be the soundtrack we have carried with us. However, we are more than just metalheads. We are human beings with highs and lows, fears and joys, compassions and compulsions, etc. We enjoy and embrace life–often through our music and the people we share that music with. This is our chance to do good.