Finding the good

As many of you may (or may not) know, we recently received really exciting news. After 10 months of chemotherapy, my brain scan last week revealed that the cancer is visibly shrinking. There is certainly still enough in there to make me uncomfortable, but if it’s not growing, it’s good news. And if it’s shrinking, it’s great news.

The chemotherapy continues- and it’s easier in a way to continue taking it knowing that it’s working, at least for now. At some point the cancer cells will become resistant to the treatment, but I’m trying not to focus on that until it happens. Anyway, easier for me to take the chemo now more than ever because I know the discomfort/pain/fatigue/general unpleasantness is paying off. With that being said, we never know when things are going to change, for the better or for the worse.

If you’re struggling now, it won’t last forever. I promise. I am struggling now, have been for months…maybe years…but down the road I’m certain there is peace. And even in the days and months of struggle, there are amazing days and moments and experiences. Would I give those all back if the cancer went away with them? Of course. But sadly, I can’t make the cancer go away. So I take it in stride and try to focus on the positives. When things seem to be consistently going poorly, something good is bound to happen. I think we can apply that theory to life in general, not just in reference to fighting an incurable, chronic, or terminal illness.

If you’re going through tough times, ┬ástay strong – and part of staying strong is having breakdowns, having bad days, and being unhappy (temporarily). The most important part is that after the bad day, or string of days, you can see the sun start shining into your life again. You can reflect on the “downs” that are inevitable in life, and use them to enhance your appreciation of all the great things that happen in life.

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